Situated in the beautiful Peak District of Derbyshire,

Marmalady's Cakes & Preserves

aims to provide the best in traditional home-made food.



 About me:

I have always enjoyed cooking -- I started as a child when helping prepare meals often meant being excused washing up afterwards. This meant I learnt to cook wholesome meals and dishes often from recipes that my mother had learnt from her mother. The family budget was stretched by making all our own bread, cakes and jams -- and so as I grew up and had my own family, I continued to cook, bake & preserve, combining many old favourite recipes with a willingness to try out new tastes & techniques.

For many years I produced cakes, preserves and crafts for Buxton W I Market (now called Country Markets). When Buxton Country Market closed a friend and I branched out to run our own stall at Farmers Markets around the Derbyshire area. I can be found at Buxton, and Heaton Moor Markets


About my products:

Allergen Note: All products are made in a home-kitchen where items using gluten, dairy, nuts and other allergens are also made. If you have any allergy concerns please contact me before purchase.

My home is pet and smoke-free 


I make over 20 different types of Marmalade but not all are in stock at any particular time, so if you don't see a favourite in the the shop please get in touch as I can probably add it for you.

I make in batches of about 20 lb at a time using only the traditional ingredients of fruit and sugar. No artificial preservatives, gelling agents, colours or flavours are ever added. They will keep for months or even years with no need to refrigerate them.

Sugar content info: prepared with approx 33 gm fruit per 100 gm product

Jams, Chutneys and Other Preserves

Very often the jams are made with fruit from my own garden, and so quantities available will be fairly limited -- so if you see it listed, buy before I sell out! Again, only fruit & sugar are used. If help in obtaining a set is needed I will add apples or lemon juice to the mixture of fruit or use a home-made pectin extract (usually apple or lemon based).

Exact sugar content will vary dependant upon variety but is usually around 66 gm fruit per 100 gm product.

Chutneys available will also vary thoughout the year depending on what fruits and vegetables are around. They too do not contain any artificial additives, and keep well even after opening.

Cakes & Bakes, Sweets

All cakes and baked goods should keep at least a week after you receive them and some for even longer. Long shelf-life items will often be in stock but others will be made specially for your order.

Baking Supplies

A selection of bun & muffin cases, tin liners and other baking disposables. If there is something you are particularly searching for, let me know and I will try to source it for you.