About Me

My Baking Journey.

I have been cooking, baking & preserving for nearly as long as I can remember.
Growing up in a family of four children of a self-employed father in the 1950’s and 60’s, money was often in short supply.
So Mum cooked everything from scratch – baked cakes, made bread and made jams and marmalades to keep us all fed and satisfied. A shop-bought cake or jar of jam was seen as a “treat”!
And all of us kids were expected to help. I soon learnt that volunteering to help with the cooking would get me out of the less pleasant task of washing up! At first I worked alongside Mum, but as I grew I was able to take on more and more tasks unaided.
In the summer we were sent down the road to pick raspberries in my Grandmother’s garden or to roam the fields in search of blackberries – and then the jam-making began.

As a young mother looking to find a way of earning some money whilst staying at home with the children, I was introduced to the W.I. Market (later Country Markets). And so my first venture into selling my baking began. I also attended evening classes to learn how to decorate cakes to produce novelty birthday cakes and elegant Christmas cakes.
When, some years later my local Country Market had to close, I continued selling my wares at the Farmers Markets which were just starting up around the area. And so “Marmalady’s Cakes & Preserves” was born!
As the internet grew, I ventured into on-line selling — mainly through Etsy (Marmalady.etsy.com) but also on my own website (Marmalady.co.uk)

Outside the kitchen, I enjoy crochet, photography and tracing my family tree. I also have a large collection of vintage china cups saucers & plates.

And how did I get the name “Marmalady”?
That was due to an on-line friend. I used to play on-line quizzes in a chat-room. One time, when I entered the room a friend said “here comes the marmalade-lady”. I thought it an excellent, although cumbersome, name – so I shortened it to Marmalady.

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