As my name implies, I make marmalade. Lots of marmalade. I have over 20 varieties in my repertoire, though I don’t have all of them in stock all the time. So do keep checking in to see if I have added something new!
Marmalade season starts in January when the new Seville oranges hit the shops. They are only in season for a few short weeks so I buy several boxes containing 30 – 40 lb of oranges to last me through the year.
Then the work begins — the oranges are washed, weighed out into batches & juiced. The pips & pith are scraped out of the “shells” and the peel sliced.
The juice and several pints of water are added to the peel and then boiled until the peel is soft. Meanwhile the pith & pips are boiled up in water to extract the pectin. The pectin is then added back to the softened peel and most batches are frozen for use throughout the year, with only a few made up into the finished marmalade immediately.

The fruit for my jams, jellies & chutneys comes from a variety of sources. Some I grow in my garden, some I am given by friends who have excess produce from their gardens & allotments. In the autumn I forage blackberries and other hedgerow fruits from my local countryside. But some fruits I do have to buy from local shops.

Find my marmalades here, jams here, chutneys here and jellies here.

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