Exciting Times!

Today Heaton Moor Producers Market was held for the first time since lockdown. As we are shielding and therefore avoiding anywhere that might be crowded and also because of imminent work starting on my kitchen, I decided not to attend. A decision I appreciated when we woke up to strong winds and occasional heavy showers of rain. Clinging onto a wet gazebo to prevent it flying away is no fun!
However I was considerably heartened to know that i was missed by my regular customers. One even managed top track down my phone number and ring up to check I wasn’t giving up markets altogether! I was able to assure him that I will hopefully be back in production in time for next month’s market.

But even tho I was not at the market today, I have not been idle. First thing tomorrow morning, we have workmen arriving to rip out my kitchen ready to install a nice shiny new one.
We first got the kitchen units back in the mid 1980’s when we first moved into this house. When we extended and built a new kitchen ten years later, we just moved the units over. So, at about 35 years old they have done great services but are decidedly tired and past their best now.
Back in January, I started to plan a new kitchen. We had just ordered everything and agreed a start date of June when lockdown hit — so I am grateful the new kitchen has only been delayed a month.
So today has been finishing off clearing the last few bits and pieces from the old kitchen.
For the next two or three weeks we will be managing with a temporary kitchen equipped with two microwaves (one with a convection feature) a toaster and a kettle! The old kitchen cabinet from Mum’s loft has proved very useful for storing a lot of food and crockery.
I hope to be able to document the progress of the kitchen installation — but as we are not allowed in whilst the workmen are there in order to maintain social distancing, I will be limited to taking photos “after hours”

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