Kitchen and Cake

This week has been a fairly quiet week, workmenwise.
The kitchen fitters finished all the cabinets and shelves on Monday so we have said goodbye to them for now. They will be back in a week or so to fit the plinths onto the cabinets after the flooring has been laid. The worktop templaters have been to measure up and make “cardboard cutouts” (think it was actually plastic rather than cardboard but the principle is the same) of the worktops — they will be back on Wednesday with the finished product.
The great excitement was the electrician on Tuesday — he wired up the cooker so I can now do actual cooking rather than relying on the microwave. I had a bit of a panic at first when the left-hand oven wouldn’t switch on. A quick phonecall to the shop soon sorted the problem. That oven has an automatic timer which needs the clock to be set in order for it to work. As I hadn’t yet set the clock in my eagerness to see the cooker working, the oven wasn’t working. As soon as I set the clock to the right time, the oven switched on. If only the manual had given me that information, I could have solved the problem myself.

So what does a baker do with a new oven? She makes cake!!
Bravely I decided to try a new recipe too — luckily it turned out beautifully

I made a Rhubarb & Ginger Jam cake based on this recipe for a Marmalade Cake.
I substituted the jam for the marmalade and the result was a lovely moist cake with a subtle rhubarb flavour and a hint of ginger. I had meant to add a pinch or two of ginger to the icing decoration but I was distracted with cooking tea at the time and I forgot! Maybe next time 🙂

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